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How to Stay on Track while on Vacation​​​​​​​

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Going on vacation is a time to unwind, to relax, to celebrate, to travel and to see new places and try new things. But it can also make you very uneasy about sticking to your healthy eating habits and exercise routines.  

Vacations usually mean late nights, early mornings, crazy travel schedules, alcohol, and “once in a lifetime” moments that can take priority over healthy decisions. And honestly, it should be like that!  Normally, a single bad meal or missed workout is not going to make or break your progress. However, when it becomes 7-10 days of off track decisions, it can make it really hard to get back on track once we return home.  Then one week turns into one month turns into a few

Here are my favorite ways to stay on track while still enjoying your vacation!


Have a plan and focus on everything in moderation

    Many people “diet” like crazy before a big vacation and then while away use it as an excuse to overindulge and splurge non stop!  This is a bad idea!  Not only will it sabotage your weight loss but it will probably make you feel like crap!  Consider making a plan prior to leaving for your trip! Find which areas you can stay on track with and determine the areas in which you will deviate.  For example, maybe you are going to disney.  You know you will be on your feet non stop so walking and exercise will be good.  You know you LOVE the dole whip so have a healthy lunch and save your splurge for the dole whip! Back on track with a healthy dinner!  Maybe you are going on a cruise!  You might plan to drink tons of water during the day and the limit alcohol at night.  Find the fitness facility and aim to get 2-3 workouts in.  Stay on track for breakfast and lunch and splurge for dinner each day!  Bottom line is if you have a plan and are intentional about your choices when then you will return from vacation and have a much easier time getting back on track!

Make Time for Exercise

    Make time for increased activity a few times during your vacation!  This may be a ton of walking around a theme park or a quick visit to the resort gym!  Find other ways to increase activity like take the stairs or walk to your meal if it is within a mile.  No access to a gym?  Here is a quick workout you can do anywhere! Do as many rounds as you want!  


-50 jumping jacks

-50 squats

-50 pushups

-50 lunges

-50 burpees

-50 crunches

Stay Well Hydrated

    Water water and more water!  Staying well hydrated is SO important while away on vacation.  So be super conscious of drinking a ton of water while away!  Limit high calorie beverages to a minimum like sodas and sweet teas.  Consider drinking a large glass of water between alcoholic beverages and remember the signals for thirst are the same for hunger.  So controlling hunger requires a lot of fluid and hydration!  

When we look at alcohol be sure to choose low calorie alcoholic options like vodka soda or white wine.  Avoid the fruity daiquiris or coladas.  Try not to drink all day long but limit alcohol to a certain time of day.  And remember that big glass of water between drinks!

Take Healthy Options with You!

    Whenever possible, take healthy food with you!  Finding healthy options can be a challenge while away from home so consider taking something with you!  Packs some healthy nuts, jerky, protein bars, and protein powder and take them with you!  Can’t take it with you? If possible, once you arrive to your destination, find a local store and stock up on healthy options to use while away!

Manage Your Mindset!

    If you go into your vacation with the mindset of a free for all then that is exactly what will happen!  If you go into your vacation with the mindset of balance then that is what will happen!  So think about that before your vacation!  Develop a plan and have an idea of what it will take to not completely blow it while away!  

Recruit a Healthy Buddy

    When possible, find like minded friends and family on your vacation to help you stay accountable!  When you surround yourself with others looking to be healthy, everyone benefits!  Find a workout buddy!  Find someone who will be fasting with you. Find a buddy that is making healthy choices with you!  Together you can help each other sta on track!




    A week away does not have to mean complete derailment from your healthy lifestyle!  With a little prep and planning you can stay on track!


  1. Have a plan!  Think ahead of time of how your healthy habits will be impacted by your vacation and then determine what you will do to manage those.

  2. Pick where you plan to indulge ahead of time and stick with it!  Focus on the 80/20 rule.  Aim to stay on track 80% of the time and allow for variety 20%.  Focus on eating a lot of lean protein and veggies and use everything in moderation!

  3. FAST! If you are my client, then you will FAST!  Fasting is a great way to stay on track during vacation!  Fast as much as possible but remember fasting is not an all or nothing technique.  So if you want to enjoy breakfast or have a late night cocktail, go for it!  

  4. Drink a TON of water!  This is so easy!  Stay super hydrated with water!

  5. Consume alcohol in moderation!

  6. Make time for exercise!

  7. Plan to get right back at it when you return!

  8. Most important, Have fun!  Relax!  Enjoy your time away, that’s what a vacation is for.



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5 SIMPLE ways to start the year off right!


Looking to start the New Year off on the right foot?  So many are!  Remember to set realistic goals and get rid of the quick fix and all or nothing mindset!  This is about more than just losing weight!  It is about improving your health and creating sustainable change!  Remember what you do to lose the weight is the same thing you will have to do to keep it off! So find something that works for YOU in the long run!

Here are my top 5 SIMPLE steps for starting the New Year off right!

1. Focus on reducing processed foods in your diet.

  • Eat more whole foods like proteins, veggies & fruits.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery stores where all the whole foods are located and limiting shopping the isles!
  • Eat out less because restaurant and fast food is far more processed!
  • Read your food labels; find foods with the least amount of ingredients and ones with readable ingredients.
  • Aim for carbohydrate control!  Start with 100-150g of carbs a day. 

2. Switch to healthier fats.

  • Reduce use of seed oils such as canola, corn, vegetable etc.
  • Reduce the use of all trans fats.
  • Switch from margarine to organic or grass fed butter.
  • Use of coconut or palm oil for in hot settings and olive oil in cold settings.
  • Don’t fear healthy fats.  Fats fill you up and keep you full therefore can help with weight loss. 


  • Hydration is SO important for weight loss, hunger management, energy levels and More!  Be sure to get your water in DAILY!

4. Make time for some form of exercise.

  • Any exercise is better than no exercise.
  • Aim for once a week then slowly increase.
  • Choose short intense exercise over long moderate exercise. 

5. Make sleep and stress management a priority.

  • Aim for 6-8 hours per night
  • Consider daily meditation or yoga to reduce stress



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Surviving A Holiday Party!


The holidays can be a TOUGH time for those of use who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It seems like every time you turn around its time to go to another dinner, brunch, or office party. It can be easy to overindulge at these events if you go unprepared or without a plan. As the saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Chances are, you know about these events for weeks before the time comes. That means there’s plenty of time to work around it. It IS possible to keep your weight in check while still enjoying yourself at holiday parties – the key is to do it mindfully! 

Here are 5 ways to stay on track at this year’s holiday office party: 

  1. Eat before you go. If your event is in the evening, eat a healthy, filling, early dinner. Eating before you go ensures that you have full control over what you’re eating – you’re not limited to the (most likely) unhealthy choices at the party. Not only that, but you’ll eliminate the risk of binge eating that usually comes along with these events when you go with an empty stomach. You can certainly still partake in some treats – just be mindful and watch your portions! You’ll be more likely to make better choices anyway since you’ve already eaten dinner. 
  2. If you can’t eat before, or if the event is at breakfast or lunchtime, just be wary of your portions. Office parties are typically full of chips, dips, and finger foods, but they also usually have a variety of fruits and veggies as well. Try to fill up on the healthier options, like veggies and proteins. Using a smaller plate can also help you not overeat. Only eat what you can fit on the appetizer plates! If you’re still hungry after, make a trip back to the veggie tray, or stop by the ever-present bowl of nuts. 
  3. One of our biggest tools for weight loss is exercise, so make sure you don’t forget about it during the holidays! Exercise is especially important on days that you know you’ll be eating out of the norm foods like you would be eating at a holiday party. Exercising the morning of the party will help you stay on track when it comes to your food choices – who wants to spend an hour working out, only to sabotage it with a binge on finger foods? But, exercise is also good because even if you do snack on a few high calorie foods, the effect won’t be as bad because you’ve already burned some calories that morning. Try to workout first thing in the morning so you aren’t tempted to skip it later! 
  4. Another great way to keep yourself on track at your holiday office party is to bring a dish of your own. Bringing something healthy that you love (and is tasty!) is a win for everyone. You get to enjoy something that not only tastes good, but also is also good for you, AND you get brownie points for bringing a delicious dish while contributing to the health of your officemates. 
  5. Watch the booze! It’s inevitable that there will be alcohol at holiday functions, especially if they’re in the evening, and it can be easy to get carried away. If you’re going to drink, stick to the basics and avoid heavy, sugary drinks that the bar may have. Instead, stick to light beers, wine, and basic cocktails like vodka and sugar free juices, whiskey/rum and diet coke, or dry martinis. You can definitely enjoy yourself at the party – just be smart about it for the sake of your holiday outfits. Eating great and working out won’t help you at all if you down 2 or 3 egg noggs and spiked ciders after dinner! 

The holidays are a great time to have fun with coworkers and celebrate with friends and family. You don’t have to skip the parties to stay on track with your weight. Just be conscious of what you are filling your body with, have a plan, and enjoy everything in moderation. Don’t forget to check out these five tips again before your next office party!

Alcohol and Weight Loss… Can We Have Both?


What’s the one food or drink you just can’t live without? Is it pizza, pasta, or ice cream? Or is it beer, wine, or margaritas? A mixture of all of the above? Most people know that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain - hence the term “beer-belly.” Sometimes, alcohol is listed as one of the excuses to why we can’t get back on track. We sometimes crave beer and mixed drinks the same as we do cheesy, greasy pizza. What if I told you that you could have a little of it all and still reach your goals? 

The key to enjoying the foods that you love in life while still maintaining (or losing!) weight is having everything in moderation. This is true for drinking alcohol as well! It’s pretty safe to say that no one lost weight and built a killer body while drinking a 6 pack or a bottle of wine every night, but you can definitely still enjoy these treats from time to time! 

There are both negatives and positives associated with drinking alcohol. First, let’s figure out the science behind what alcohol does to our bodies: 

Alcohol is dense in calories, but certainly not dense in nutrition. Alcohol has the 2nd highest calorie count per gram at 7 calories per gram!  it is just 2 calories under fat!  Alcohol is considered to be “empty calories,” meaning that they don’t provide our bodies with any nutrition. However, our bodies metabolize, or break down, alcohol prior to any food we may have eaten. Since alcohol metabolization gets prioritized, our bodies can’t break down nutrients, so we store the calories we consume from food as fat. In a nutshell, alcohol can lead our bodies to store more fat, and more fat is not good for anyone! 

Let’s take a look at the calorie content of some common drink choices: 

Beer (12 oz): 100 – 200 cal 

Wine (5 oz): 125 – 150 cal 

Margarita (6 oz): 300 – 600 cal 

Long Island Iced Tea (15 oz): 350 – 500 cal

Looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see how the calories add up throughout a night at your favorite restaurant or at the bar. 

Alcohol is not only full of “empty calories,” but can also make us pack on even more pounds by debilitating our ability to make healthy food choices.Alcohol makes your blood suagr drop which causes you to crave starchy, unhealthy foods! After having a drink or two, you’re relaxed, more easygoing, and are much more likely to choose the cheeseburger and loaded fries than you are the grilled salmon and asparagus when you’re having dinner on a Friday night. So not only are you getting the added calories from alcohol, but you’re also consuming more calories from your meal than you planned. Yikes! 

If your body does not burn all of the alcohol calories you consume, they are quickly stored as fat!  Now to be clear, this happen with macro in excess.  However, alcohol calories are stored in the liver first!  if the liver does not do this fast enough (or if you drink too much, too often) the fat stays stuck in your liver and around your abdomen giving you what we call a "beer belly"

However, while drinking daily might not be the best for your weight and overall health, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional drink! In fact, having a casual drink every now and then has been shown to reduce the risk for some chronic diseases. This is thought to be due to the fact that alcohol is a stress reliever, which can have a positive effect on your health and weight. Not only that, but some red wines have been shown to contain antioxidants that have some heart healthy effects. 

Remember, the key is moderation. Instead of drinking 3-4 glasses of wine with dinner on Friday, have only one, maybe two, and really savor it. It’s going to be hard to combat daily drinking with diet and exercise, so try to limit drinking to once a week. Or, plan your week around it if you know you’ll be splurging in some heavier weekend drinking. Make more of an effort to stick to a wholesome diet, and crush your workouts everyday. This way, the alcohol you consume will have less of a negative impact on your goals!

Here are some healthier drink choices for when you do choose to drink: 

Light Beer (12 oz): 70 – 125 cal 

Dry Wine (5 oz): 125 cal 

Gin and Diet Tonic: 100 cal 

Vodka Soda: 100 cal 


Having only one or two of these drinks won’t set you back too much. Just remember not to drink the whole bottle! Cheers to living your life while managing your weight


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Surviving the Holidays Without Gaining Weight!


Holiday time is quickly approaching! Holiday time you say? Yes, that joyous time between Halloween and New Year’s (approximately 63 days) that we spend gathering and celebrating with friends and family. These celebration are filled with delicious foods, seasonal treats and lots of libations which can result in extra pounds on the dreaded scale!

These extra pounds can seem insignificant but in the long run they add up quickly!

Research show that the average person puts on a few pounds over this holiday period but does not quite take them all off in the New Year. This leads to 2-3 pound weight gain each year. 2-3 pounds a year seems small but if this pattern is repeated each year then 10 years later you are up 30 pounds and that is not insignificant!

So the questions is, how do you still enjoy the fun and spirit of the holidays without sacrificing your waist line? You have a PLAN! That’s how and you start now, before Thanksgiving!

Having a plan in place will:

1) Make you prepared!
2) Give you guidelines to follow.

3) Balance the good with the bad.


SO, what’s the plan? Here is my 5 step plan to staying on track during the holidays!

1) Start Now!

Make an effort to dial in your nutrition and increase your activity now, way before the holidays! Focus on whole food nutrition as much as possible. Load up on lean protein and tons of veggies at most meals adding the occasional rice, quinoa, potatoes, fruit and legumes.

2) Focus on Carbohydrate Control!

You don’t have to eat a super low carb diet BUT being conscience of your carb intake is most important for weight maintenance. Carbohydrates increase blood glucose, which stimulates the release of insulin which promotes the storage of fat. If we can keep our blood glucose low then the body is less likely to store fat!

Carbohydrates also create that viscous cycle of hunger and fatigue! The more we eat them, the more we crave them! So limit sweets and treats to special events for sure! So really dial in on carb control on non-social event days! This will allow for more wiggle room at that family meal or holiday party.

3) Drink lots and lots of WATER!

Hydration is so important for weight control. Proper hydration helps reduce hunger and cravings, keeps your bowels moving properly and improves your sleep! When we neglect to get enough water in, everything suffers! Hunger increases, cravings increase, we get constipated and feel bloated, we become fatigued and sluggish! This can all lead to the want to nibble and grazing and make poor food choices. So aim for at least 64 oz of good ole plain water every day!

4) Be active!

Try to not miss out on your regular exercise. Make it a priority to get your workouts in. You will feel better if you stay active! Exercise will definitely offset the savory meals and holiday treats!


Prior to any social event or holiday meal, come up with a plan. Think ahead what might be served and what you could stick with

to stay on track. Offer to bring a healthy dish so you know there will be at least one option to eat. Drink lots of water during the day to keep yourself well hydrated and eat a small high protein snack prior to the event so you are not starving! Try not to eat as soon as you arrive at the event, take a look at your options and wait. Once you start eating it can be hard to stop. Keep tabs on alcohol as those calories can add up quickly. Alternate alcohol with sparkling water throughout the night. Don’t linger around the food and most important, enjoy yourself!

Having a plan to tackle this holiday season will ensure weight maintenance. It will allow you manage your weight over the holidays, putting you in great position to jump back in at 100% in January to continue to work towards your long term health and wellness goals! 

Looking for some holiday recipes to keep you on track that the whole family will enjoy?  Download my free holiday guide below!