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What makes Amanda different from other weight loss coaches?

It is so hard for the average person to know what healthy eating looks like.  There are so many mixed messages about nutrition and weight loss that people tend to give up before they even get started!  My background as a Registered Dietitian allows me to give you the most up to date and accurate nutritional information!  it is my life and has been while working in a hospital setting for the past 18 years!  With this program I want to clear the air, give you the facts and teach you what healthy eating looks like for you and your family!  I also want to show you how easy it can be to implement this lifestyle into your busy, hectic life! I always say “whatever you do to lose weight is what you have to do to keep it off!” So my goal over the 7 weeks is to teach your sustainable lifestyle changes that WORK!  







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The landscape of nutrition is rapidly changing and for most people it is very confusing to determine what is right and what is wrong!  My goal with this program is to cut through the clutter and give it to you straight and make healthy eating and weight loss as simple as possible for you and your family!


I am a strong believer that dieting is temporary, something you start and stop.  Therefore it is more important to focus on lifestyle changes to truly see long term weight loss success.  My goal is to teach my clients simple yet effective lifestyle changes they can make and easily sustain to see lasting results.  Success does not have to be about perfection but rather more consistency. I believe in implementing strategies that work in the real world, with real people, who lead real, hectic and often crazy lives.


    • This program will teach you to efficiently fuel your body giving you more energy and more weight loss!
    • We will train your body to change from being a fat storer to a fat burner.
    • You will be given the tools you need to improve and repair your slow metabolism.
    • This program will help reduce your cravings and your hunger during the day.
    • This program will give you the tools to make weekly meal planning and prep easy!
    • You will learn all about macro management and what your macros need to be from weight loss and maintenance!
    • You will learn to spend less time in the gym with more efficient workouts.
    • After completing the session you will be leaner and stronger.  More than that you will feel healthier and more energized than ever.

    This program will TEACH YOU: 

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    • The cutting edge nutritional strategies that work!
    • How to repair your slow, broken metabolism that yo-yo dieting and hormone issues have created.
    • How to improve your hormone balance, reducing hunger hormones, improving insulin sensitivity to increase weight loss results!
    • Sustainable nutritional tools and strategies beneficial for the whole family!
    • How to make meal planning easy and doable each week!  
    • How to get the most out of your workouts in the shortest time possible!  Therefore less time in the gym!
    • The most sustainable way of living that takes into account your crazy busy life but that will help you lose weight and more importantly, finally keep it off for good!

    Let me teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle through my education and experience as a Registered Dietitian for the past 20 years!.  The nutritional strategies that we implement will be the game changer you have been looking for!


    • Better Sleep
    • More Energy
    • Weight Loss
    • Toning
    • Better Overall Health
    • Healthier eating for the whole family

    During the 7 week session you will learn invaluable nutrition strategies that will help you understand how your body works.  We will re train our bodies to be fat burners instead of fat storers. With intentional exercise, macro management, and intermittent fasting, we will build lean and strong bodies.


    • An online 7 week detailed nutritional program.
    • A comprehensive guide with tons of information along with instructional videos.
    • A prep week guide with your goals and workout.
    • Weekly nutrition training and education to better under the “why” behind these nutritional strategies!  
    • 6 weeks worth of meal plans, including each week a detailed grocery list, sunday meal prep guide and 1 lunch and 3-4 dinner recipes the whole family will love!
    • Weekly workouts that can be easily modified, done at home, at a gym, or while on vacation.
    • Heavily modified exercise plan for anyone with joint and other physical limitations that make exercise hard!  This plan can be done by anyone that can sit in a chair and stand up!
    • Daily accountability and support with the private support group. You will hear from me daily, I will review your daily intake and make tweaks so that you get the best results by the end of 7 weeks!

    My goal is to teach you the best and latest nutritional strategies to help you sustain a new healthy lifestyle.  No more diet fads! With your hard work and determination along with my accountability program you will finally see the results you have been searching for!

    Don’t wait any longer!  This is the answer you have been looking for!  Sign up before the next session is full!



    what my clients have to say about working with me...

    SUSAN C.

    "I love working with Amanda!   The information is great, the format easy to follow and Amanda is so encouraging! Just two weeks in and my energy level has increased dramatically.  I feel like I’m running around like the energizer bunny! I still don’t have the strength I should but I haven’t worked out with weights in years so I’m following the modified plan. As Amanda says, “progress not perfection!”  I know we are not supposed to weigh or measure till the end of the program, but I can tell I’ve lost pounds and inches in these first two weeks!"

    AMY G.

    " My only regret is waiting! Why did I wait so long to change my lifestyle. Amanda is more than helpful and will go above and beyond to help you with any questions. Since my first weigh in and measurement, I haven’t been able to get on the scale since but I don’t need to. I can tell just by looking at myself that I am losing inches!! My family can already see my results, which typically doesn’t happen for many weeks and I am just getting started. I can’t wait to see my ending results. But I will not stop there, I will definitely be working with Amanda more in the future! Thank you for this amazing support!"




    "Amanda is a master at getting your body moving towards feeling better! She is incredibly knowledgable about food and what it can do if fed the right things. I love how thoughtful each day is to get the best you! She cheers you on and helps course correct. Whithin a week I was feeling less bloated and am already noticing changes in my body. Thank Amanda! You’ve been a gift!"


    "I cannot believe that I lost 14 pounds in such a short time. Thank you, Amanda, for being my cheerleader throughout this process. Your educational videos and posts were so helpful and encouraging. I’m thrilled to learn that intermittent fasting and macro management works for me!  I feel like I’ve finally got control of my eating habits. Thanks for holding my hand through it all. I owe you- BIG!"


    "The accountability that Amanda provides is priceless in my weight loss journey and her positive daily feedback keeps me pushing for progress instead of giving up when I don't achieve perfection!!!!"

    So what are you waiting for?


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    • Comprehensive guide
    • 6 Week Meal Planning Guide
    • Weekly grocery list
    • Weekly meal prep instruction with videos
    • Weekly Recipes
    • Weekly Workouts
    • Daily accountability and guidance.
    • Access to the private group for daily support.
    • Real advice from a Registered Dietician.
    • Several live Q&A’s
    • Many helpful tips on meal planning, eating out, staying on track...



      Amanda Nighbert, RD

    Amanda Nighbert, RD

    For the past 2 decades I have worked in the clinical hospital setting educating patients on what healthy eating looks like to lose weight and keep it off.  This education has greatly evolved since I began! I can remember when I first started, I was teaching a low fat diet, encouraging the use of spray butter, pushing snackwell cookies, artificial sweeteners and more!  I even practiced what I preached, doing exactly what I told my clients to do. So I thought I was eating healthy, I was very active and in good shape but my health began to decline! I slowly began to develop GI issues that were unexplainable to doctors, I was diagnosed with IBS.  At the same time my cholesterol was slowly rising and at one point was well over 350 and my doctor wanted to put me on a statin in my late 20’s. Nothing added up! I was doing exactly what I was taught in school and was following all the “healthy” guidelines BUT I was not healthy and I felt like crap!  That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began to immerse myself into current, relevant nutrition research and literature. I was determined to be open-minded about this information because of course it went against everything I had ever been taught. I then applied it within my own life to see the physical effects these changes had on me personally and my own health.  The results were so transformative that I quickly revamped the programs I ran at the hospital to reflect this new thinking and saw immediate benefit from the patients I worked with! I was considered the renegade Dietitian because what I was teaching was so different! Fast forward 10 years and I can honestly say I have never been healthier, leaner and with more energy in my life and it has everything to do with everything I have learned!  



    Frequently Asked Questions!

    Q: What does the program include? 

    • Over 30 page Comprehensive guide
    • 6 Week Meal Planning Guide
    • Weekly grocery list
    • Weekly meal prep instruction with videos
    • Weekly Recipes
    • Weekly Workouts
    • Daily accountability and guidance.
    • Access to the private group for daily support.
    • Real advice from a Registered Dietician.
    • Several live Q&A’s
    • Many helpful tips on meal planning, eating out, staying on track

    Q: Can men and women do the program?   

    YES !  I work with both men and women! Ask about my special couples rate!

    Q: I don't live in the US.  Can I still join?  

    Yes!  I have clients all over the world!

    Q: Do I have to wait until the next start date to join?  

    The best part about this program is you get everything you need to get going the minute you sign up!  You will receive you the comprehensive guide and prep week info immediately so you can start practicing until your session opens! I am available via email to answer any questions before we get going in the private group!

    Q: Do you provide an actual meal plan for each day?

    The goal is to teach you macro management so you can eat the foods you enjoy and are not stuck to the same plan week after week!  However, meal planning and meal prep will be a big part of this program and therefore I will provide sample lunch and dinner recipes options with a detailed grocery list and meal prep instruction each week!  This is super helpful!

    Q: Are there any foods that aren’t allowed or required?  

    Nothing is off limits!  My goal is to teach you more about healthy eating and the importance of whole food nutrition. With this education you will see food group like gluten and dairy are problematic for many and decrease weight loss.  Therefore we will aim to be gluten and dairy free as much as possible but progress not perfection!

    Q: Can I still drink alcohol?

    Duh!  My goal is to teach you sustainable lifestyle changes including how to incorporate social activities and still be successful, this will include alcohol! Once you understand how alcohol impacts your metabolism and weight loss you will be able to better manage and adjust your intake so that you still see results!

    Q: Do you offer one on one sessions?

    Yes, I do!!  You can find more information HERE!

    Q: What is intermittent fasting?

    ntermittent fasting is an advance nutritional strategy that involves limiting your eating window to 6-8 hours each day.  It is not so much about what you eat, but when you eat! When we limit our eating window it forces the body to break down stored fat on a daily basis which increase weight loss and makes keeping the weight off so much easier!  Download my free guide to IF to learn more about it here!

    Q: I have done atkins and keto.  Is this the same thing?

    No this is not the same as atkins and keto.  We focus on whole food nutrition with marco management.  Carbs will be a macro we look at daily but carbs will not be completely off limits!  This program will teach you how to find that proper balance with the foods you love to eat and the foods you know you need to eat!

    Q: What does macro management mean?

    Macros are simply carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Many people get wrapped up in controlling calories and the old saying calories in vs calories out, but we now know does not promote weight loss.  It is far more important to look at how the body and endocrine system processes the food we eat, specially carbs and sugars! In order to lose weight you have to keep your insulin levels low, insulin is the number one fat storing hormone in the body.  When insulin levels are high we will store fat! So we use macro management to control the intake of carbs and sugars, to keep our blood glucose level in check and therefore reduce the production of insulin. This is what leads to great weight loss results!  And the good news is you don't have to give up carbs altogether to get these results! So my goal is to teach you how to manage YOUR macros for long term success!

    Q: Do I need to be a member of a gym?

    No!  Workouts can be done at home or in the gym.  

    Q: What equipment is needed?

    A few dumbbells or kettlebell!  A few low weights like 5-10 lbs and one set of higher weights 15-20 lbs and jump rope should be perfect to get you started!  Check your craigslist or facebook marketplace for a cheap way to find equipment.

    Q: Can I continue my own workouts ro do i have to do the ones you provide?  

    For sure you can continue your own workouts!  Any exercise is better than no exercise at all!  This program is very flexible! Doing exercise you like and enjoy is important!

    Q:  Do we have to have facebook?  

    Facebook is not mandatory but encouraged to get the most out of the program!  So much good stuff goes on between members in the group! Some will create a fake facebook account just to get the benefit of all the group interaction, daily posts, and lots of recipes and meal ideas that get posted and lots of good questions you might not be thinking about.  But if that is not for you then we can work via email no problem!

    Q: Do we meet in person?  

    No, everything is done online!

    Q: Will I need to buy any additional products to do the program?

    NO!  No shakes, pills or potions involved!  We focus on whole food nutrition! However, there are products that I will recommend BUT they are not mandatory nor necessary to be successful with this plan!

    Q: What if I can’t exercise?  

    Diet is 80% so that will be our main focus.  If you can’t exercise or need to modify the exercises you can still be very successful!  25% of my clients do zero exercise and still see great results!

    Q: I’m trying to get pregnant.  Should I still sign up or wait?

    For sure!  There are no gimmicks with this program!  It is all about healthy eating, whole food nutrition and increased activity!  You will be in a much better place to get pregnant after implementing these guidelines! And if you get pregnant while in the program there are just a few small tweaks we will make so you can continue!

    Q: Can I still do the program pregnant or while nursing?

    Yes, with a few modifications you will do great! I work with tons of BF moms and have a whole section devoted to your tweaks and guidelines so that you can get the benefits of the program, lose weight and still maintain a good milk supply which is our number one goal!  If you start the program and your supply is impacted then we will just delay, and you can restart once you are done BF! So no loss if that happens!

    Q: I don't want to lose weight just tone up.  Is this program still good for me?

    YES! This program will get your feeling leaner with more energy!  We can easily tweak your macros for that very thing!

    Q: I’m going on vacation.  Should I wait to sign up?

    No!  Just do it!  The goal is to teach you sustainable nutritional practice that you can easily do when you are home or away!  Don't wait!  Check out my BLOG on this very topic!

    Q: I’ve changed my mind.  Can I get a refund?

    Due to the nature in which you have received the information I do not offer refunds.  Please read through everything and email me with any questions before you sign up! However if now is not a good time, just send me an email and I can put your registration on hold until the next session.