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I am so excited to let you know about the custom juice cleanse, created by our friends at The Weekly Juicery. This custom juice cleanse will help you really rev up the fat loss and health benefits you will see in the online program.


If you’ve been overly tired and sluggish, feeling ill or unable to sleep, you may be experiencing the results of accumulated toxins in your body. Troubled skin, weight gain and a lack of energy may also be signs that your body’s not in balance. These signals are powerful alerts that our bodies send when our health and vitality are compromised in some way and need attention.

Juice cleansing applies nature’s remedy to these imbalances and signals. It also gives your body a break from the deluge of unhealthy foods, drinks, and choices that have become daily habits. Juice cleansing floods your body with live enzymes and nutrients while offering much-needed digestive rest. Imagine a vacation for your over-worked body. Restoration and rejuvenation through nature.

Our cleanses includes organic, vegetable-centric juices for the ultimate healthy indulgence.

Here’s what you’ll get with your juice cleanse:

  • Six USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Centric Juices (vegetable is key here)

  • Three step-by-step guided videos (these are sent to you via email once you place you order so PLEASE check your junk or spam mail)

  • Insulated cooler bag

  • our Juice & Smoothie book with our best selling recipes and all the how to’s you need to make juice at home if you choose (these are sent to you via email once you place you order so PLEASE check your junk or spam mail). 

  • Guided videos focus on entering the fast, the fast mechanics, pro-tips during the fast, and exiting the fast (these are sent to you via email once you place you order so PLEASE check your junk or spam mail).

Purchase the Juice Cleanse from The Weekly Juicery below. Place your order by Tuesday night for delivery to drink on Monday! See info below if you live local to the Weekly Juicery for in store pick up.

The Juice Cleanse from The Weekly Juicery will be shipped directly to your house anywhere in the US. 

Good news!  The Weekly Juicery will be providing custom cleanses throughout the Program.  If you have any questions about the juice cleanse please call The Weekly Juicery at 859.550.3218 or email us at or fill out the form below.


If you live in Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati see info below about in store pick up option.

If you live local to a Weekly Juicery you can do a in store pick up and reduce the shipping charges. I would suggest calling a few days ahead of time and place your order simply for 6 juices to get the discount and to insure your juice is available. You will need to select 5-6 juices for the day. Get one lively lemon, 2-3 green juices, 1-2 beet juices, and 1 of the inflammation tonic or immunity tonic. if you simply order 6 juices you will not get access to the videos and guides. If you would like to receive those videos and guide then call and order to full guided fast and you will save the shipping cost.

Lexington Old Vine: 859-368-8000

Lexington Palamar: 859-447-8534

Louisville Brownsboro rd: 502-996-0996

Louisville Nulu: 502-882-2822

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

I have more questions about juicing who can I call?
Call Our Juice Concierge, Elizabeth.  859.550.3218. She’s been doing work for 10+ years, she’s an experienced faster, and she’s ready to help you anytime.  8am - 5pm. Every Day. Email our order line:  We can answer your Q, or even schedule a call if you have lots of questions.

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Q:  How do I order?

A:  Use link for Amanda’s LEAN program (HERE)!  You could also order from one of our retail stores.  See above for more info but simply order 6 juices and pick up.    Schedule pick up the Saturday before your fast day. We have retail store locations in Lexington, KY, Louisville KY and Cincinnati OH.

Q:  What’s the order deadline each week?  

A:  This answer depends on if you live near one of our retail store locations and want to pick up your order,  or if you would like us to ship your order,f you want us to SHIP your order, place order by TUESDAY at 8 pm ET.  Order will arrive to you on Thursday or Friday for your fast day on Monday.    Choose Wednesday Ship Date at check out. If you want to PICK UP your order in our retail store locations.  (Lexington KY, Louisville KY or Cincinnati OH) place order by THURSDAY at 8 pm ET.   Order will be ready for pick up on Saturday before your fast day on Monday.  Choose the retail location that works best for you at check out.

Q:  When will my juices arrive?

A:  Juices will arrive at your doorstep via UPS or Fed Ex on Thursday or Friday.  You will receive a shipping notification email from UPS when tracking number is generated.  Our team will send your an email that also includes tracking number and other info to make sure you’re ready to go!

Q:  What day can I do the guided one day juice fast?

A:  Amanda’s LEAN gang will be doing the 24 hour fast on Monday’s.  However you may choose to do your one day juice fast on Saturday or Sunday if that works better for your schedule.

Q: What order to I drink them?

We like to start with a Lively Lemon to start with a boost to the metabolism and a

healthy dose of alkalinity but the rest of the order is up to you! If the Lively Lemon is

too "lively" add it to your water throughout the day. After that you can drink the juice in any order.

Q: What is the timing of juices?

We like to space the juices 2-3 hours apart but really just listen to your body and do

what feels best. An optional schedule is 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm.

Q:  What do I need to do when my juices arrive?

A:  Easy.  Unbox and keep in fridge until Monday or whatever day you’re planning to do the juice fast day.

Q: What’s the difference between a juice fast and a water fast?  

A:  Simply put, during a 24 hour water fast, you’ll consume only water, while during a 24 hour juice fast, you’ll consume our certified organic, vegetable centric juices for your fast.

Q:  What’s included in the Guided One-Day Juice Fast?

A:   Six USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Centric Juices (vegetable is key here) + three step-by-step guided videos from me + insulated cooler bag + our Juice & Smoothie book with our best selling recipes and all the how to’s you need to make juice at home if you choose.  My guided videos focus on entering the fast, the fast mechanics, pro-tips during the fast, and exiting the fast. It is important to note that if you simply purchase six juices via a local store at the discount these items are not included. You can pay the full guided fast cost and get these items included if you want them!

Q:  When you say “vegetable centric” juices, what the heck does that mean?

A:  Juice is a powerful ally in fasting.  However, you cannot use juices that are made with too much fruit.  Fruit is a great thing. (I’m not a fruit hater) However, juices used in fasting need to be made with certain parameters to avoid excess sugar in the body during a fast.  Otherwise, your body isn’t really fasting. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the juices are mostly vegetables with zero to little fruit included. You don’t have to worry...I know exactly how to curate a perfect juice line up for your fast.

Kimmye, founder of the Weekly Juicery

Kimmye, founder of the Weekly Juicery

Q:  Will the same juices be included each time in your one-day fast?

A:  Nope.  I curate and change our guided juice fast line up seasonally to make sure we are supporting the USDA certified organic growers and providing our bodies what they need seasonally.  Ex: During the winter months, I typically include the Immunity Tonic as our immune systems typically need more support during this season. We will also include more beet juices during fall and winter as they are warming for the body.  In the Spring and Summer season we will shift to lighter juices.

Q:  How would I know if I should do a Juice Fast or a Water Fast?

A:  Fasting hours (digestive rest) is super important to chasing good health and feeling your best!  Both water fasts and juice fasts accomplish this goal. I like to ask people a few questions to help them decide:

  1. Do you crave vegetables?

  2. Are you a little nervous about fasting and wonder if you can make it?

  3. Do you eat enough vegetables currently?

If you don’t crave vegetables, it would be great to begin making that transition.  A Juice Fast is a great way to do that. By flooding your body with plants, your body will want more of the same.  Juices are easily assimilated by the body so it can still achieve digestive rest. However, the juices also provide nutritional support for the body during a fast so the fasting “lows’ are minimized.  Finally, our guided juice fast day delivers a whopping 24 pounds of organic produce. That’s enough vegetables alright!!!

Q: Will I be running the the bathroom all dat during my juice fast?

A: No that is not the typical response. You will see an increase in urination just due to the volume of liquids you will be drinking, but the juice fast does not typically cause loose stools.

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