Meet Amy Nighbert 

 I am so incredible excited to announce the next LEAN Accountability Coach, Amy Nighbert. That is right there is another Nighbert in this bunch and I know you guys are going to love her as much as I do! What I love so much about Amy is that she has been my biggest cheerleader from day one! She is super smart and oh so witty and I love working with her! She experienced amazing personal change with these strategies and knew she wanted to help others do the same! She understands the challenges of busy moms as well as the need and want to nourish your family. This, in addition to her positive outlook makes her the best coach! I can’t wait for my clients to have the chance to work with her and see that themselves! Welcome Amy Nighbert to the LEAN Team!


I am excited to introduce myself to all you LEANers out there! My name is Amy Nighbert, and as you might suspect from my last name, I am part of the Nighbert family. Amanda and I are married to brothers, and it’s been a privilege to call her family for 20 years. I have been living the LEAN lifestyle for a while now and am stronger and leaner than I was at age 20!

I am married to Sean and have a daughter, Kendall, and a son, Walker, who are both young adults. At 6 months of age, my son was diagnosed with a lifelong disease called cystic fibrosis. Up until this time, I ate whatever I wanted, would “diet” and exercise sporadically to keep off the weight. Over the next few years after my son’s diagnosis, I started to take better care of myself, still eating what I wanted but becoming an active runner, because I realized and appreciated that not every person is given the gift of a healthy body. That seemed to work for me for a while.


Fast forward 10 years... The running and crash dieting no longer worked. I began to put on a few pounds each year. I carried this extra weight that I just couldn’t get off. I trained for a half marathon. I went low carb. I tried the Whole 30 lifestyle. I hired a trainer at great expense. Nothing was working long term. Then, at 45 years old, I had a full hysterectomy. So now I was looking at getting the weight off as a postmenopausal woman. It seemed impossible! I basically gave up and resigned myself to the idea I would never be the same size I was in my thirties, and I was just going to have to accept it.  And in walked Amanda and with her help everything changed!

Over several months, I was able to drop that extra weight using the LEAN strategies, and I know it will never come back. I love the reliability of the intermittent fasting and the flexibility of the nutritional aspects of this program. I love that I don’t have to spend hours in the gym to become stronger. I have more energy and greater mental focus during the day. While I hold a Master’s degree in Information Science and a career in Education, I have an absolute passion for this program! I am excited to encourage you along your personal weight loss journey. I promise you that if you stick with it, this program works. It works for everyone!