Monthly Lifestyle Program

$65.00 a Month

The lifestyle program is for anyone

  • Who has completed 1 or 2 rounds of the 7 week sessions.
  • LOVES the lifestyle changes:  Tracking, the workouts, the community and your results!
  • Wants to continue to see results, get leaner, get stronger and stay healthy!
  • lives for the accountability, support, and community.

The lifestyle program will provide

  • Fresh new workouts every month.
  • Detailed meal plan once a month with lunch and dinner options, grocery list, Sunday prep instructions and recipes to make eating healthy EASY!
  • Monthly themes on current health and wellness topics to keep you armed with the latest and cutting edge information.
  • A consistent community that will provide long support and daily accountability!
  • More access to me for personal support, questions and guidance from my team.
  • Monthly live group calls to keep you connected to myself and other members.
  • VIP discounts on future events and products.
  • No longer term obligation, cancel at anytime!  
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