Jennifer S.

"The accountability that Amanda provides is priceless in my weight loss journey and her positive daily feedback keeps me pushing for progress instead of giving up when I don't achieve perfection!!!!"

Kim C.

"Amanda is a very motivating and makes everything very understandable. I am learning the correct way to nutritionally eat for good health.  I love the check in from Amanda and feedback on our nutrition macros.  The exercise program is easily tweaked to my capabilities and I’m 58 years old.  I feel great and I’m losing weight because my clothes are fitting more loosely! I believe this is a way of life and not just a diet—very sustainable!"


Susan C.

"I love working with Amanda!   The information is great, the format easy to follow and Amanda is so encouraging! Just two weeks in and my energy level has increased dramatically.  I feel like I’m running around like the energizer bunny! I still don’t have the strength I should but I haven’t worked out with weights in years so I’m following the modified plan. As Amanda says, “progress not perfection!”  I know we are not supposed to weigh or measure till the end of the program, but I can tell I’ve lost pounds and inches in these first two weeks! "

Heather S.

"Amanda has completely changed my outlook on not only nutrition and exercise but my life as a whole. I was at a point in my life where I was losing control, I turned 30. Im the only single person in my family and friend group. That stings sometimes, makes things harder sometimes. I felt like my body was the only thing I had any control over. I was working out hard 5-6 days a week but eating like crap. I became so frustarted that my body wasnt chnaging that I started to not eat as much which had the opposite affect. Then I was dealing with people telling me that i was “too skinny” I was lost. I didnt know how to go about achiving a strong body. I had been following Amanda on instagram for awhile. I finally convinced myself to work with her and now I feel great, have learned so much and can finally see the changes i've been looking for in my body. Amanda has helped me understand eating healthy doesnt have to hard or tasteless and you dont have to kill yourself in the gym 24/7."

Stacy D.

"Biggest WIN from working with Amanda= My husband! I have felt so BAD for so many years yet I never really understood anything enough to change my habits. Well, Wednesday my hubby randomly said to me as his eyes got watery... “It truly brings tears to my eyes how you are taking control of your life. I can tell that you feel better. You don’t look worn out any more like you used to. You have energy with the kids. You are full of life again and I’m really, really sorry I didn’t understand sooner how bad you felt. You are determined and doing this and I can see a change in you every day.”  

Sharon H.

"I worked out all my life and stopped seeing improvements.  I tried to work harder with still no change. Amanda taught me to integrate diet, fasting and fitness to work smarter and I saw results in weeks. Thank you so much Amanda."

Cindy E.

"I absolutely love working with Amanda! For someone who has never followed through with anything and struggles with self discipline, this lifestyle was totally doable and sustainable! Amanda truley helps to set you up for success! With participation, accountability and encouragement along the way, that really helped me stay on track! I lost a total of 19 pounds and 18 inches all over!"


"Amanda is the best type of leader in that she helps each person do their best from where they started.  She is super motivating and focuses on "progress not perfection" so you never feel like you have failed a day if you don't quite hit your goals.  I love that she is so easily accessible to all of her clients!"

Meredith F. 

"I’m proud that I’m smart enough to realize how awesome you and your program are and that I gave it a try. You are changing lives in a way not many people get the opportunity to do... thanks for all you do!" 

Amy G.

" My only regret is waiting! Why did I wait so long to change my lifestyle. Amanda is more than helpful and will go above and beyond to help you with any questions. Since my first weigh in and measurement, I haven’t been able to get on the scale since but I don’t need to. I can tell just by looking at myself that I am losing inches!! My family can already see my results, which typically doesn’t happen for many weeks and I am just getting started. I can’t wait to see my ending results. But I will not stop there, I will definitely be working with Amanda more in the future! Thank you for this amazing support!"


Barb K.

"Amanda gives you the tools to understand the scientific therories behind intermittent fasting, tracking and reduced gluten/dairy. Amanda introduces this information in a way that is not over whelming (small bits at a time). She explains why something should be done verses stating the rules. I have learned more about nutrition these last few weeks than I have in years! While working with her I felt encouraged to make the best food and exercise choices every day and not chastised when I goofed up. Thanks Amanda for being a wonderful nutritional life coach❤️"


Heather J.

"The information on all the nutrition is my favorite.  I knew fasting and tracking was all good for you but with the information Amanda provides, you know the why, the why and how bulletproof coffee works, why 16+ hours of fasting is the best.  I think with social media we can get wrapped up in so many different ‘fads’, myself included, that not knowing the ‘why’ can be really damaging. That is why so many of us get wrapped up in this cycle of losing, then gaining it all back.  It is a cycle I have been on for the last 11 years. I am so greatful to Amanda and can say with upmost confidence this is my new way of life." 

Elizabeth W.

"I cannot believe that I lost 14 pounds in such a short time. Thank you, Amanda, for being my cheerleader throughout this process. Your educational videos and posts were so helpful and encouraging. I’m thrilled to learn that intermittent fasting and macro management works for me!  I feel like I’ve finally got control of my eating habits. Thanks for holding my hand through it all. I owe you- BIG!"


Brooke S.

"I have tried so many other diets before and nothing worked. The stress weight kept adding up. Now I am 14lbs lighter and 16” smaller too! I really loved the coaching and how positive Amanda was each day! She kept me accountable! Also, I absolutely loved the fasting. I was able to really listen to my body to see what I needed to keep it fueled. Thanks, Amanda!" 

Ashley C.

"Amanda is a master at getting your body moving towards feeling better! She is incredibly knowledgable about food and what it can do if fed the right things. I love how thoughtful each day is to get the best you! She cheers you on and helps course correct. Whithin a week I was feeling less bloated and am already noticing changes in my body. Thank Amanda! You’ve been a gift!"

Tami W.

"I am so excited to have finally found something that works for me.  I've learned so much about the importance of keeping track of everything that goes into your mouth,  intermittent fasting, along with intentional exercise! I've always said if you don't have your health you don't have anything.  I'm so thankful for Amanda. She is encouraging & motivating!! I really appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge and commitment to help people incorporate everything you learn & apply it to create a healthier lifestyle.  THANKS AMANDA!!!!"

Alicia F.

"I started working with Amanda for fasting support and to feel leaner and more energetic. I got all of this and more. The "more" was my enhanced knowledge of what I am putting into my body and how sometimes this is way off the marker, even if the food I am eating is "healthy"! So this was extremely eye opening to me. I've lost three pounds (not much, but I didn't intend to lose much from the start--that wasn't my main goal) and just FEEL so much better: less bloated, more energetic, and less irritable! :) Plus, the fasting is SOOOO much easier now and it actually has made my life less stressful as I'm not worried about trying to get something healthy to eat in the morning! I know that when I'm fasting, I'm giving my body more benefits than I by eating breakfast."

Brigid T.

"Just weighed in, down 10lbs in 6 weeks. Thank you Amanda Nighbert RD! You have completely changed my relationship with food and exercise. I used to think my body was broken because it was so hard for me to lose weight, now I am finally doing what my body needs. Excited to keep up this momentum!"

Leatrice R.

"Amanda helped me to quickly and safely reach my fitness goals and develop eating habits that are realistic and sustainable!  I can’t wait for bathing suit season. Who says that?!" 

Holly C.

"I was desperate for a lifestyle change to feel healthier, willing to make major changes in my diet I thought this food lover could never do. Fasting became the easiest part. I learned to love and crave whole food nutrition. I did all the exercises in my home dropping 19 pounds and 17 inches all while breastfeeding my son. And enjoyed every last calorie allowed.  I definitely had my blowup days, but I forgave myself immediately and started over the next day back on track. Progress not perfection was a key motto for my success. Thank you Amanda for teaching me that real food can taste good again. The recipes were a tremendous help and I look forward to each weekend’s meal prep on IG. I’m using the tools you gave us to continue on my own and still seeing great results."

Angie G.

"I have felt better working with Amanda than I have in years! I never thought I would get back into my “pre-pregnancy” clothes, but I am! I wore a pair of pants this week that I haven’t worn in over 4 years! I have had so many people at work ask me if I have lost weight or if I am working out and I am proud to say I owe it all to Amanda's coaching and support! Thank YOU, Amanda for being an awesome teacher!  Thank you for your constant contact and answering questions. The accountability is what really works for me and knowing you look at my nutrition info daily is huge for me!" 


"By the end, I have learned so much. This lifestyle works for me. Intermittent fasting is the way to go for sure! Tracking  has been interesting. I’ve really enjoyed the process in conjunction with the amazing workouts each week. Amanda is on point with her knowledge and providing the tools we need to make this process work. Amanda is much more involved with her clients then I ever expected. Her videos are a must see. They have all the info you need for any questions or concerns. My weight or inch loss might not be as great as others, but I am pleased. I lost 5 pounds and 7.5 inches. Looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future!"