Custom VIP Program

3 month VIP one on one nutrition counseling


This service is specifically designed for clients looking for:

  • Individualized nutrition and exercise plans

  • Daily accountability via text

  • Custom modifications based on individual needs and weekly results

  • Weight loss and increased metabolism

  • Increased energy and wellbeing

  • Beter digestion

  • Personalized attention to your specific needs and concerns via weekly session on Skype.

  • Nutritional counseling specific to achieving a lean body mass.

  • Specific nutritional counseling related to specific health concerns such as diabetes, celiac disease, heart disease, etc.

The goal of one on one nutritional counseling is to:

  • Address specific concerns regarding your personal health and weight loss goals

  • Increase your metabolism, making your body more efficient at burning fat.

  • Improve your satiety (leptin levels) and insulin sensitivity which in turn leads to more weight loss.

  • Teach you quick but effective exercise techniques that maximize your fat burning potential!

  • Most importantly you will learn a sustainable way of living that will not only help you lose weight but finally keep it off for good!

this service will provide

  • A weekly, 20 min session via Skype

  • 10-12 sessions over the three months

  • Individualized nutrition plans

  • Personalized exercise plan for at home or in the gym workouts

  • Personalized resources such as grocery list, approved foods, recipes and meal plans

  • Individualized supplement recommendations